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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 15, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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work, which he is expected to do today. also officials say more arrests could come in the investigation. we'll have crews all over this big story this monday morning. also in d.c., council will consider the rules on public assistant. marion barry said it is a cycle of poverty and joblessness. he will join us live in studio to explain why. and after a week off, the redskins return to the field tonight to take on the eagles. we're live with the sports junkies at 106.7 to break down the game. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. straight up 7:00 right now. and there is fog hanging around the area. here is a view from oxon hill, maryland, this morning. and you can see the beltway under that thick layer of fog. temperatures on the their way
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up already. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. it did seem like the weather story on my short drive in this morning. >> and the temperatures are not a bad thing. but when you are pushing 50 degrees this time of year early in the morning, you have to expect there is something going on with that. >> and that is the story this morning. it will slow your commute into work this morning and we'll deal with that. there is a dense fog advisory for counties out to the east in maryland and depending on what county you are in, that advisory is either expiring now or goes until 8:00. for most of you it goes until 8:00 so beware of the fog. it's 48 degrees currently in d.c. 49 in baltimore. dulles airport is at 40. frederick, maryland, 41. patuxent naval air station is at 41 degrees. here is a look at satellite radar composite for the region. we're not seeing anything in
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the way of rain but again it is moist, humid, fog and mist out there as well so you're dealing with that through the morning hours. then that will clear up but we'll have clouds mixed with sun through the day today and then the rain begins to move in late tonight. so your forecast for today looks like this -- a mix of sun and clouds and cooler today. 61 degrees, still above normal. those of you going to the redskins game, you want to know what it will do tonight? stick with us. i'll have that for you coming up. right now let's go to julie wright and see what is happening with traffic. >> if you want to make money, you'll give them the score instead of the temperature. >> i wish i could. >> put those skills to work. >> i'll work on that. at the beltway -- this is how it's going to be this afternoon as well. a lot of folks coming out of virginia toward the stadium. you can expect this stretch of slow traffic from springfield in the direction of the wilson bridge. so leave early, plan that trip
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accordingly so a lot of people at the sold-out game tonight. right now the outer loop is stalled toward telegraph road. where we had the vehicle disabled in the far right lane. early morning crash before eisenhower gone. here is the fog and there is a lot of it southbound along 270 leaving falls road toward the split. foggy approaching and passing 109 and delays in germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. prince george's county executive jack johnson set to go to work today following his stunning arrest on friday by the fbi. both johnson and his wife leslie are charged in a federal corruption investigation. more arrests could be on the way. we are live in mitchellville, maryland with sarah simmons. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. federal investigators believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. more information will go out and there is the possibility there could be more arrests in
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the case. in the meantime jack johnson is pretty much a prisoner in his own home. he is under house arrest wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet so we presume he is still inside his house this morning but he is expected to go to work this morning. he said he would be still going back to work for the people of prince george's county. now the arrest of course happening on friday. both the county executive and his wife leslie johnson, she was just newly elected to the county council, they were arrested by federal agents charged with felony witness and evidence tampering in an on going federal corruption investigation. rushern baker has not spoken out just yet but we have spoken with county residents and here is their reaction to what happened on friday. >> when i heard about that, because i know he had done so much good for the county and we really appreciated all of the
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hard work he did for its development for his tenure in office, i thought it was devastating news to hear. >> reporter: now rushern baker, the newly-elected county executive is expected to speak out later on today, at about 5:00 this afternoon. we're expecting a press conference to see how he will react to the latest developments in prince george's county. we're live in mitchellville, sarah simmons. and bill kern here, we want to discuss this morn and continuing to develop over the weekend. first of all, how deep do you think this investigation may turn or that this alleged corruption may be? >> it certainly involves other people. we have a check for $100,000. we have almost $80,000 cash in
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the house. so there are other people involved whose names we don't know yet. certainly there must be people who told about what was going on and to be part of the fbi sting. to be this kind of money involved there had to be a large-scale project with profits involved and whether there are other election -- elected officials involved and so i think there are more indictments to come. >> does it take a big effort to get the fbi involved or is it minuscule? >> it's hard to say what the fbi will or will not investigate. they will investigate anything. which is good for all of us. because you want to have a cloud over people's head that if you do something wrong, they will investigate. and given the many problems in the police department in the past, that the fbi have reason regularly looking at the activities in prince george's county. >> what does this do to a
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governing body, for the person at the top and there may be more at a lower level, but you've done both, dealt with legal affairs and being an elected official, what kind of impact can this have on prince george's county government? >> it depends on how the newly elected officials act. the fortunate part is you have it at a time they are changing elected officials. he has the opportunity to bring about good government. he can appoint an inspector general and pass laws strong on so those people that believe in an honest government now have an opportunity to make something happen because those that would oppose them now should be very careful, because if you oppose good government, maybe you have a reason and maybe that's going to lead to some suspicion that you too were doing something wrong. >> if this comes out this was a
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situation where money was being taken for progress or for election campaigns or however this may have fallen out, there are two sides. some say things like this happen. we know it's a web of activity that goes on and there are others that say this is against the law and should never happen. how difficult is that from an elected position when you have to navigate this money toward elections and make sure it's not being taken advantage of it. >> if you have a moral compass and believe in ethics, it shouldn't be tough at all. we are elected with the public trust to do good. it shouldn't be tough at all. and for a developer or anybody else that wants to do business, you want to do it honestly and win in an open competitive manner. it's not tough to be honest. >> and do you think we'll hear more detail, more people involved? >> all week long and next couple of months there will be more leaks and more indictments
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and more arrests. >> william lightfoot, thank you for joining us. go to and find out everything there in one place. go to and you can read the criminal complaint online. allison? out with the old and in with the new. the lame duck session of congress begins today with the newly elected members already waiting in the wings. doug luzader adds up the difficult week for the president. >> reporter: the president jokes that this would be a very relaxing week but the truth is congress has a lot to do and not much time to play with. blame it on congressional procrastination. while the new class arrives for orientation, the old members will try to complete some unfinished business. due to the possible extension of the tax cuts and that could turn into an all-out brawl.
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as president one was ferrying the president trip home, he made his disdain for upper income tax cuts clear. >> it won't boost the economy. we can't afford it. >> reporter: but will there be middle ground even though republicans want them to be permanent. >> a two or three year extension of the tax cuts, you would be on board of it? >> if that's all we could get out of the president, we'll work with him on that, but we hope that he doesn't come back with the idea we're going to raise taxes on 750,000 small businesses as he's been talking about. >> reporter: but this may seem like child play once nancy pelosi has to turn her gavel over to republicans next year and the incoming freshman take their seats with their idea of how washington should work. before they leave for
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thanksgiving and then another short session they'll have heading into december. doug luzader, fox news. >> we have much more. we'll by joining by lenny steinhorn coming up in the 8:00 hour. and for the latest political headlines, including voter as proving medical marijuana in arizona go to and click on politics under the news tab. and coming up next in fox 5 morning news, a newborn baby found inside a duffle bag abandoned at a church in northern virginia. the latest on the search for the mother and the child's condition after the break. after being held for more than a year by somali pirates, a couple from the uk is finally released. what they are saying about their ordeal after returning home. and hoping the fog lifts soon. there is a look at the 395. h.o.v. lanes heavy across the 14th street bridge. it is 7:11 right now. back after this. ♪
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well we were going to see if the fog cleared but the answer would be no. as we take a look from oxon hill this morning, east of the city where it's been thick. it's monday morning november 15th. 7:15 on this monday morning. is that the case or am i making things up? >> what? >> more fog to the east of the city? >> yes. i was concentrating on something. >> where is your jacket, sir? >> i'm very hot. it's hot in here. >> a lot of people think you're very hot. >> why, thank you, allison. and thank you. that just took it all away. >> i know. >> listen, it is foggy to the east, steve. and we continue to see dense fog across the region. so it's going to be a problem. there is an advisory in effect
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east of the chesapeake bay but close inside the beltway we're seeing some of the fog. >> so be careful. >> allow some extra time. and those going to the redskins game tonight, here you go. not going to be bad. at least the weather won't be bad. we'll see temperatures in the 50s. so rather comfortable. cloudy. if you're tailgating, i do not expect it to rain. you should be fine. the bulk of the game will be fine. i do think it's possible toward the end of the game we'll get some sprinkles. and be acare of that when you're still on the roads at 3:00 a.m. relative humidity 39% and a breeze at 5 miles per hour. satellite radar for the nation, we showed you the storminess in the upper midwest yesterday. portions of iowa, minnesota getting up to a foot of snow in some locations. not so much happening now. it is cloudy. rainfall in the south, that rain is headed our way and it
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doesn't get here until late tonight, more likely overnight. here is your five-day forecast. high today about 61 and partly cloudy. rain and 57. a brief warm up to 62 and then cooler air in the latter part of the week. highs only in the low to mid- 50s. >> it feels like the holiday season. >> and that does hold through the weekend, the cooler temperatures. >> all right. got to deal with it. >> we accept it. >> got to check in with julie wright. what is going on? >> i'm trying to hook up a fan for tony. >> it's hot in the studio. >> i thought you were talking the old facebook fan. >> i'll take one of those fans too, please. >> your mom is the president of the fan club. we know that. >> we love momma connor. and approaching 29 colesville, delays approaching
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silver spring. delays through laurel traveling south of 198 headed toward 197. if you are on the bw parkway through beltsville on i-95, and no problems through riverdale and cheverly. good through the third street tunnel. and 5th street northwest is where we have the crash. follow police direction to get by. new report of a wreck at inner loop and we're told the center road is blocked. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. stories making hd -- making headlines. a baby found in springfield, virginia, left in a duffle bag outside of a church. a parishioner made the discovery early yesterday
7:19 am
morning. >> something -- i would say devine intervention or the holly spirit -- the parishioner found the baby and took it inside the church and called 911. >> the baby is hospitalized if good condition. she'll be handed over to foster care in a few days. anyone with information is asked to call fairfax county police. in ohio one member of a family has been found alive and her accused kidnapper in custody. authorities found sarah maynard bound and gagged in the basement of hoffman. no word on his relationship to the victim. investigators are hoping hoffman will lead them to her mother, brother and friend, all missing since last wednesday. a british couple kidnapped by somali pirates now enjoying their first day of freedom after a year in captivity. >> reporter: rachel and paul chandler were released after
7:20 am
388 days in activity. they thought they would be killed. they were captured on their yacht by somali pirates in 2009. a retired british couple is set free in somalia. they were held by pirates for 13 months. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the couple smiled and thanked people. the retirees were sailing when it was commandeered. pirates sought a $7 million ran some for the couple. more than $400,000 from dropped from a plane in june but didn't result in their release. so in recent days the somalia government and the community in great britain agreed to make a further payment. the couple told the bbc they
7:21 am
were beaten once and promised to be freed -- freed several times. >> we're happy to be here and see our family and friends and i'm so happy to see everyday people. >> reporter: despite warships and aircraft, pirates are still holding hundreds of hostages and more than 20 vessels. back to you. >> thank you. it is now 7:21 on this monday morning. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the death toll from a cholera outbreak grows to more than 900, there is a request for money to fight it. and we're talking monday night football. we're going to talk with the junkies at 106.7, the fan, to talk about the game against the eagles. and holly is at the d.c.
7:22 am
central kitchen where they are getting a huge donation ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. we'll check back in with her later this hour. stay with us. 
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in haiti, the death toll from the cholera outbreak continues to grow. the disease has killed more than 900 people. nearly 15,000 have been hospitalized. the united nations is launching an appeal for another $150 million to fight the outbreak. pope benedict is calling for more help to be sent to haiti. israel and the united states continuing to hash out a package of incentives designed to get the stalled peace process again. the u.s. would grant security and protection in exchange for halting construction settlement for 90 days but we learned they would be allowed to finish hundreds of home under construction already.
7:26 am
palestinians have criticized the idea because it does not include east jerusalem which they one day hope to claim as their capital. thousands of people came out to remember andy irons. a memorial was held in his home town in hawaii. people made a circle in the -- a circle in the water. he died in texas and the cause of his death is still under investigation but there is the possibility of a methadone overdose. his family said he was suffering from ben gay fever. there is considered legislation on rules of temporary public assistant. marion barry said it ensured a cycle of poverty in the district. he will join us to explain why next. and a live look outside now. it's 7:26. we'll get the latest weather and traffic for you coming up next. rule the tweet.
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7:29 right now. still fog in oxon hill, maryland, this morning. continuing with a low cloud cover. we've seen this for a couple of hours.
7:30 am
get used to it if you haven't left yet for work. you might have extra traffic out there and slow commute because of the fog. >> good morning, tony. >> good morning to you. now in addition to the fog, we're going to see decent conditions during the course of the day today. but we had a very nice weekend and a lot of sunshine. everything begins to change. let's go back to yesterday and we'll start with the highs. reagan national got up to 65 degrees yesterday. absolutely nice. very, very nice. beautiful day. 64 at dulles. 64 at bwi marshall. now our current temperatures, we haven't seen much of a change this morning in our temperatures across the region. we're still at 48 degrees here in washington. gaithersburg is at 46 degrees. baltimore is 50 degrees there now. manassas is 45. and in culpeper, it's a cold 39 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite, we'll show you a couple of things. we do have some clouds out there this morning but we are
7:31 am
dealing with the low cloud cover and fog across the region and some is dense in places. most of the fog is in d.c. and points east but parts of verge will -- virginia will encounter it as well. this is moving in tonight. i think it's late tonight before it gets here and possibly we won't see it until the overnight hours. i do want to raise a flag because of the redskins game that you could see light showers toward the end of the game, but for the most part the rain in bulk gets here overnight and during the day tomorrow it's with us. let me show you the future- cast. this is a model run on the precipitation and when we expect it to move in. this is moisture in the air this morning. humidity levels at 93%. and clouds move in and then take a look the this. this is 11:00 tonight when you start to see the showers overrun the area. and we could see some showers moving through for those of you
7:32 am
going to the game. and tomorrow's heaviest rainfall is off to the west. but we get rain showers across washington. by wednesday morning we're rain- free. out to the west still dealing with some precipitation out there. a mix of sun and clouds. cooler today at 61 degrees. but still above normal. five-day forecast, tomorrow, as i said, rainy day and cooler temperatures, 57 degrees for the high and rain through the day. wednesday gradually becoming sunny and 62 for the high. then the temperatures drop as a secondary front comes through. highs on thursday and friday only in the low to mid-50s and it looks likes that where we'll be for the weekend as well, low to mid-50s. that's a look at weather. and now let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> are you one of the 90,000 people going to the game tonight? >> i will not be. because i have to come to work. >> you just leave the game and
7:33 am
come straight to work? >> if i were in my 20s, i would do that. >> i did that after black eyed peas. >> you're a younger woman than i, julie. >> come on. outer loop of the beltway, delays leaving silver spring no. accidents just volume delays. and this fog seems like it's gotten worse rather than better in the morning drive. southbound 270 in the thick of it. it's difficult to see the overhead signs out of hyattstown and delays in germantown toward the split. 5th street at new york avenue is blocked off with police activity there. and also make note, inner loop of the beltway at the robinson terminal, west of springfield, accident reported in the center of the highway. 66 is on the brakes in manassas and leaving 7100 and nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
7:34 am
time traffic. another big story this morning, the district council today will lighten the rules for family and individuals that receive temporary public assistance. marion barry said the current programs ensures a cycle of poverty for residents and talks about this assistance program. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> tell us about the system and why it's not working. >> let me put this all in context. the real serious problem is the economic disparity. about $25,000 in marion barry, and that adds to the subsidies and the things we have to do. then you have welfare reform. it is exposure to get people out of poverty. one out of three children live
7:35 am
in poverty in the district. you get the chirp out of -- children out of poverty by getting the parents out of poverty. it's a income issue. but then our own program in the last four years has gotten worse, badly broken. we have 17,000 families, 17,000 families, in that program, with an education component and only 500 families out of 17,000 have successfully completed it because our education system, $18 million, doesn't work well and mr. carter is not to blame for all of that, because in order to make this work, you have to have the entire district government mobilized to support. you have to have affordable houses and all kinds of things going on to help. but the big piece missing is the education system. the education system has failed
7:36 am
a number of these people. then we did something crazy. the government allows you to extend beyond 60 months the extent of it. we have 17,000 families and almost 8,000 have been on the rows for more than 8 years. so that has to stop. so we have to make sure that the government or whoever is the head of dhs will be vigilant in restructuring that. these families are being suffered and they have to get ready for work. there is a generation of people who never worked. now i'm not stereo typing anybody. because the majority of people in my view want to work. and then you have those that are disabled who can't work, emotionally or physically. so i'm going to have a hearing today. but we're going to be vigorously helping these families get out of poverty,
7:37 am
helping these families transition into being self- sufficient, helping these families, these absentee fathers -- 82% of the families have women as head of household. we have to have a totality fix of how to get the men to take responsibility for their children and how to get the education system to really do what needs to be done, stuff like financial management. that needs to be taught. because most of the families live from subsidy to subsidy and don't have bank accounts or a budget or anything. just last friday a young lady knocked on my door on the street and i always open my door. and she said this is tiffany, open the door and she's 9 years old. she said, mr. barry, can i get $10 for the field trip. i have a reputation in town and in the d.c. area of giving out
7:38 am
money. and i said well what about your mother. and she said she has eight kids. and it's $400 a month. and $400 is no money to get on welfare for and so we're just going to call on all of the communities to mobilize ourself to break this cycle of poverty. >> you are proposing some changes and some are saying if the changes take place too quickly it will negatively impact some of the families. how will you put the changes into place or how would you look to do that without hurting families who do need the assistance? >> well first of all i'm not going to propose or never would propose putting those who are on, off. i am pushing those who are on to get into education system, to get into a good program. half of the people don't go to the classes. nothing happens to them. and so we're going to create a whole environment where people
7:39 am
want to learn and get going and learn something about it. but you can't have this cycle keep going. generation after generation, grandmothers, mothers and daughters. we have to do something about teenage pregnancy. and it's complicated. but we're not putting anybody off. >> so you're looking to address this and focus on this issue to break the cycle. >> we have one of the worst run programs in the nation and i'm convinced mayor vince gray is going to appoint somebody to the agency that has a zeal and zest and know-how to tighten this program up. we can't keep this cycle going. ten years from now we'll end up in the same place. we're not going to do that. we're going to put some measurable things in order and if the director can't do it, we'll find someone who can. >> councilman barry, it's good
7:40 am
to see you. i never know what to call you? >> mayor for life. >> thank you. steve, over to you. we have more ahead on fox 5 morning news. coming up in the next hour, it affects 100,000 people and there is more on sickle cell disease. more when a doctor from the national institute talks to us. but tonight the redskins taking on the philadelphia eagles. it's mcnabb taking on vick. we're live with the sports junkies on 106.7 the fan coming up. mamot mayosm
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get used to more. ♪ 7:43 right now. let's get the latest on the redskins. clinton portis has missed the last four weeks with a groin injury. he'll be the dreaded gate-time decision for tonight's game versus the eagles. ryan torain has stepped up in portis' place but he had to leave the last game versus the lyons with a hamstring injury.
7:44 am
and donovan mcnabb will be under center two weeks after being benched in the final to the lions because he supposedly didn't know the offense which means he was dealing with hamstring injuries which means we might not know what happened. and joining us the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan to talk some football. >> how are you doing, buddy? >> we're talking about the fall- out from mcnabb-gate. and does this have impact on the game tonight? >> i think it will be minimal. let's talk about why rex grossman was put in. and let's bounce back in front of 90,000 today and let's put it behind us. >> i think it's done and over with in the locker room. i think it was over with a week ago. i think now they are focusing on stopping michael vick. >> we just had chris cooley on show. and he joins us every friday. and he said it's an old issue
7:45 am
and they're looking forward to the matchup and they outphysicalled them the first time and that's what they intend to do. >> except if they struggle in the first half. >> did you is surprise talk about a possible contract extension after everything that has happened in the last two weeks? >> it won't is he pure me -- wouldn't surprise me about from the reaction from mcnabb and his camp, it does surprise me. >> but what are the other options? you're not going to find a better free agent or coach a guy. mcnabb is the best option. >> i could see why shanahan and bruce allen want him here. i'm surprised that mcnabb would stay here. >> i think he may not have as many options. he's not playing that great. teams will look at him as a guy who is up there in age and there might not be a huge market. so their agent is contacting
7:46 am
washington saying we want our money. >> that tells me shanahan and mcnabb sat down and cleared the air and everything is fine. >> very professional. >> and now they want to talk extension. >> in the end it's about money. we talk about this station all of the time and we keep resigning. >> talk about the game on the field tonight. obviously you have to stop michael vick. right now he's the top quarterback in the league. unless they knock him out again and have to face kevin kolb, what do they do? >> they have to copy the blue print from the first game when they had success. get physical with the receivers so he's not able to launch 30 and 40-yard passes down the field. >> he's due for a clunker, steve. i know this is not the best series out there, but he has no interceptions. vick eventually will throw some picks. >> they will find ways to get the ball in open space, i
7:47 am
believe. >> did you see the throw to carlos rogers to keep the interception streak alive. >> does portis play tonight? >> i'm guessing no. i have to be worried about the running game. they had a season high of 169 rushing yards in the win against the eagles in week four. i think they have to get close to that to have a chance tonight. >> i think it would be nice for portis for protection. mcnabb was on his back getting hit at the last game. and portis is good in terms of protecting. steve, the big issue is brandon banks. as amazing as it is to say, he's been their offensive spark on special teams. they need him. >> he may be more excitement per pound than any other player in the nfl. enjoy the game and we'll talk about it tomorrow morning. >> thank you, steve. >> the junkies at 106.7 the fan. and you can watch the eagles and skins tonight on my 20. kickoff at 8:30 and right after the game stay tuned for the
7:48 am
nissan post game show with dave feldman, lindsey murphy and doc walker. and our coverage continues on air and online. check out the sports tab on let's hope the fans of the day are watching as well. >> and i believe a happy birthday is due to that lovely lady. in the meantime, holly is at d.c. central kitchen today. >> reporter: there is a huge donation coming in today. can i get a little help with this door? look at those turkeys. d.c. central kitchen gearing up for turkey day and they are able to do so because of a huge donation like this. we'll tell you who this is from and how d.c. central kitchen helps those with less for all they can eat and more. stay with us on fox 5 morning news. we have to get these loaded in.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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we give you a sneak peek and now we get to meet our facebook fan of the day. it's kelly willard. happy birthday, kelly. it's the big 3-0. to be the fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox5 morning news and post a comment under kelly's birthday photo. thank you to everybody on facebook. we getting a bunch of comments. >> and withk we do -- can we do one. robert truehart and his son wrote in and his birthday is today too. >> thank you to our fans out there. a huge donation coming into the d.c. central kitchen. holly is there to learn more. >> and holly, it is the season, we just feel a little more generous. it's a great time of year. >> reporter: it is a wonderful
7:53 am
time of year. it's a time when we all count our blessings and take time to realize not everyone has as much as we do. and so people feel the need to give back. and they see that a lot here at d.c. central kitchen and it's important to what they do because each and every day they provide meals not just during the holidays, they provide them all year long. they take 3,000 pounds of leftovers every day and make 4500 meals from that and help service about 100 agencies that help feed the hungry in our area. michael kurt is the executive director. he joins me. >> good to see you. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you. i'm happy you are here running d.c. central kitchen. and while i know you help fight hunger all year long, thanksgiving time makes you gear up more. what do you do during this time? >> we want to make sure the men and women we're feeding do have that holiday kind of meal. it's a hard time for a lot of
7:54 am
people, especially if those of us are homeless or suffering for whatever reason, the holidays are a tough time. if wore doing a little -- if we're doing a little extra to help people, then we're doing our job. >> reporter: and i want to bring in jeff kepper with ayrshire farms doing the farm tour. i don't remember the bow tie. >> i didn't have it that day. >> reporter: and he was dressed up. and we were out with the turkeys. >> at our farm we raise heritage free turkeys and organically in a humane way. we're humane and organic certified. and these are traditional breeds, raised on pasture. they are fed an organic diet. >> reporter: and you guys are donating 5,000 pounds of
7:55 am
turkeys today. >> we are donating 5,000 pounds of turkeys to d.c. central kitchen. we're a huge supporter of d.c. central kitchen and we are excited about the work they're doing to rebuild the local food system. we're all about that. >> before this truck is unloaded, i want everyone to see what the turkeys look like. can we open a box here? and as we look at these, we were saying these aren't just regular turkeys? >> these are pretty spectacular turkeys. >> reporter: wow, that looks good. >> it tastes great. and one of the things that we're doing now with d.c. public schools and other places to provide food, we're trying to educate people about food and where it comes from and the food system and we feel people will make healthier choices if they know more and we're working to provide people with assistance. >> and i think i'm getting the evil guy from these guys,
7:56 am
you're slowing us down. and not only are you donating, there are less fortunate people that will get a wonderful meal for you but your turkeys are also still available for someone like me. >> you can order them online at and you can call our customer service line at 540-277-0900 and that's extension 1006. >> reporter: and how can people pick them up. not that we wouldn't love to drive out to ayrshire farms. >> we ship turkeys but also if you are living in d.c. and want a turkey, you can order one through the customer service number and pick it up at equinox restaurant on the tuesday before thanksgiving which is november 23rd. >> reporter: and your best tip for cooking your turkeys? >> just like a normal turkey. they are fantastic. they don't need a lot of seasoning. to see how it's done by a professional, todd gray will be serving our turkeys this year. he's fond of our bourbon red
7:57 am
turkeys and that's a great thanksgiving for people eating at equinox. >> reporter: thank you very much. a lot of great thanksgivings going on. is our website. we have a link to d.c. central kitchen so you can find out more about them and a link to ayrshire farm and the customer service line to order a turkey. and coming up, the turkeys have gone on and so are we. we'll talk about how they prepare them and the d.c. public school lunch program and see all of the good work going on in there as we all gear up to give thanks in about a week and a half. we can give thanks for the whole week and a half. thank you. >> i think that's a great idea. and it's 3 minutes before the hour and it's 48 degrees out there. coming up at 8:00, latest on the lame duck session of congress. we'll be joined by lenny steinhorn before the first commercial break at 8:00. and it affects 100,000
7:58 am
americans but there are new results in the sickle cell disease. more on that with the doctors from the national institute of health. 
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
it's the story carrying the headlines since the news broke on friday. prince george's county executive jack johnson arrested on criminal charges, the result of an fbi sting. you're looking at a live picture of his house. he is free to leave home to go to work, which is what he is expected to do today. we have crews all over this big story this morning. and a busy day on capitol hill as the largest u.s. freshman class of congress members since world war ii heads to d.c. for orientation and congress members convene for a lame duck session. we'll talk with lenny steinhorn in just a few minutes. and also this morning, it effects about 100,000 americans but there are new advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of sickle cell disease. we'll get more on that with the doctors from the national institute of health. that's coming up. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. >> and we say hello to our
8:02 am
friend tony perkins. the latest is we continue to see the fog out there this morning. it is thick in places. we've had a couple of advisories in effect. the most recent one is expiring right now. but we still have fog across the region. so be aware of that. it will slow down commute this morning. let's take a look at current conditions being reported at reagan national airport where we have a temperature now of 48 degrees. relative humidity 93%. muggy morning. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. bp has been -- barometric pressure has been on the rise. a few more clouds out there. i do think that as the day progresses we'll see a mix of clouds and sun but then in the latter part of the day the clouds will start to win out as we set for rainfall late tonight. the day planner for today, another mild day. not quite as mild as it was yesterday or saturday. look for a high in the low 60s
8:03 am
today with partly sunny skies but within reizing cloud -- with increasing cloudiness. more coming up in a little bit. let's check in with julie and look at traffic. >> still busy ride out there. especially trying to make your way along southbound 270 toward rockville dealing with the fog. outer loop of the beltway below speed, 95 around to georgia avenue. outer loop has yet to recover. this is the commute from springfield in the direction of van dorn. this morning we had a crash here. that was gone. and then a stalled car complicated the ride on the outer loop which is heavy and steady with all lanes open. 95 slow toward the harbor. accident still tieing up the right lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story this morning. >> prince george's county executive jack johnson set to go to work today after his arrest on friday by the fbi. both johnson and his wife
8:04 am
leslie charged in a federal corruption investigation and we hear more arrests may be on the way. sarah simmons is in mitchellville this morning with the latest details for us. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, steve. federal investigators say this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. the arrest of jack johnson and his wife leslie johnson on friday. in the meantime, federal investigators have him under house arrest. he is wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet and ordered not to leave the house instead of -- except to go to work. he is still inside the house. we have not seen any activity yet. his wife was just elected to the county council and arrested by felony agents charged with tampering in an ongoing federal corruption investigation. now the county executive has maintained he is innocent as he said on friday. the incoming county executive has not spoken as of yet about
8:05 am
this, but county councilwoman andrea harrison who is also part of the new rushern baker transition team has this to say. >> i'm innocent of these charges, and i just can't wait for the facts to come out. >> here in prince george's county we still do have a government. there are over 5,000 employees here that will continue to do the people's business here in prince george's county. so life will go on. >> reporter: now rushern baker who has not spoken since friday. he is arrived in town. and he is expected to talk to the media later on today and also other government leaders. at 5:00 this afternoon he's expected to hold a press conference. but over the weekend a spokesperson did say he had this to say, he would focus on his agenda which is to improv education, the economy and to deliver a more effective and efficient and ethical
8:06 am
government in prince george's county. we're live in mitchellville, maryland, back to you, steve. >> our coverage of the arrest continues online at everything about the story is all in one place, including the criminal complaint if you would like to read that there. another big story we're following, steve, about 100 new members of congress in town. most are republicans. they begin orientation this hour. and this video was just into the news room of them arriving on the hill just a few minutes ago. the tea party is protesting against some of them for not attending an event organized by the patriots. in the meantime the lame duck session of congress started this week and we get more on that from melanie wilkes. >> reporter: the democratic controlled congress will convene for a lame duck session this week. the top item is the bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. democrats arguing they should be extended only to families earning less than $250,000 while republicans want all of the cuts made permanent.
8:07 am
>> we can't afford to borrow another $700 billion to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> we need to remind everyone we're not talking about cutting taxes, we're talking about keeping current tax rates the same. >> reporter: and a possible repeal by the senate of don't ask, don't tell but that's not likely to be decided until after december 1st when the presbyterian is scheduled to release the report on how a repeal would effect the military. >> i wouldn't a thorough and complete study of the effect on morale and battle effectiveness of the united states military. >> reporter: and while in japan, president obama urged the senate to ratify the start nuclear arms treaty which focuses on cutting u.s. and russian nuclear arsenals but it could be a cliff hanger with the treaty only dependent on a handful of senators. >> we need to modernize the weapons left and make sure they continue to be a deterrent. >> the relationship with the russians is very important and they've been helpful in iran.
8:08 am
>> reporter: congress will take another week off for thanksgiving break and they come back november 29th until they continue their work or decide to stop. in washington, melanie wilkes, fox news. and joining us now, lenny steinhorn, political analyst. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about big things happening. let's start with melanie's story there. and we've seen the freshman orientation and a lame duck session. what is going on on the hill now. >> the new legislatures are their big mr. and mrs. smith come to washington. and they'll find out that congress works more slowly than they think it does and they're going to be running into a lot of walls even as they try to accomplish things. politics as president obama found out is far more complicated than saying you want something and it happens. but this is the policy issue, is the taxes.
8:09 am
if you remember to dial back to the early bush years and they pass huge tax cuts which did hurt our deficits at the time. but they time limited them to end at the end of the year bau they -- because they didn't want to show tax cuts. obama and the republicans agree on extending them for everybody except those above $250,000 a year. obama said no, the republicans say yes. so the big fighting is how much compromise there will be on the upper-level taxes and what will happen on that. and so i think they are positioning on that. >> and we heard rumbling from david axelrod that he might move on that but the president came out and said i will stand by that. do you think we'll see any changes by january 1st? >> they'll have to pass something. because they don't want to wake up in january and see tax rates
8:10 am
increase. so they'll do something but what political positioning will they do? will they have two votes, one on under and over $250,000? will they say a million and under get the tax breaks or $500,000? and the other alternative is extend them for two more years and see what happens once we are out of the recession. so i think there is a lot of compromising and talking. i cannot imagine them not coming up with something by the end of the year. >> people are also talking about the trip to asia that the president just made. a successful mission accomplished. that's our phrase that we've gotten used to, mission accomplished or not? >> i'm not sure the president wants mission accomplished up there. but diplomacy are issues that take time to work through. so the fact he didn't get when he wanted when he went there is less important than the fact
8:11 am
that most of the time they'll reach an agreement on the key issues. but obama has considered them more vulnerable, a bit weakened, a politician a bit on the ropes. these are people that play hard ball. they play hard ball because every country has it's own national interest. and that's the same thing on capitol hill. so i think the big political story over the next 12 months is whether barack obama can set his feet and find a new strategy to counter punch against the people who have been at him. he came to washington saying i'm going to compromise and we're going to bring people together and he found people playing very tough politics, not only here in washington but internationally as well. so he has to reposition himself and find out how to get his backbone back. >> lenny steinhorn and political analyst, thank you for coming? >> thank you. >> for the latest political headlines go to and click on politics under the
8:12 am
news tab. it's 8:11 on this monday morning. up next a local legacy dedicated to a popular pope and a hope to help. and the fog still outside there right now. even now at 8:11 as we look at traffic coming into the pentagon this morning. the latest traffic and weather updates next here on fox 5 morning news. oh wow, look at that.
8:13 am
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and good luck with the food drive. you can look cute when you go in. it's a two-for. >> and speaking of cuteness -- >> this is tony and the cuteness factor. >> it's the my first 5 photo of the day. and ladies and gentlemen this is hunter. >> hey, hunter. >> that's a great photo. >> doing what so many kids are doing right now. i'm so glad to see hunter doing this. he's playing in the leaves. i'm happy to see it because i didn't know kids still do this. >> kids are kids. >> this is one of the great joys. when i was growing up, jumping out into the leaves and everything. >> because you didn't have an iphone at that age. >> that's true. do they have an iphone app of leaves you can jump in. >> virtually jump in the leaves and they scatter. it's great fun. >> hunter is adorable. having a good time this autumn. thank you for sending it in. to send us your child's picture
8:17 am
go to and click on mornings. >> who is singing this version of baby face? >> i don't know. >> it's sort of choir. >> maybe. i don't know. >> you're adorable, have a great day. let's tack a look at the temperatures around the region. 48 degrees right now here in the nation's capital. we're stuck there at 48. it is quite cold in the nation's mid section. 31 degrees in omaha. 37 in wichita. denver 31. minneapolis is 28. cloudy there. they got hit with snow over the weekend. have you heard about it? 8 inches in some locations, and up to 12 inches near there. satellite radar composite, the most active weather in the nation is in the south where we are seeing rainfall. could see flooding rain down there. some of the rain will makes it way into our region, late overnight and into the day tomorrow. look at how much of the country is cloudy this morning. that is unusual. here is a look at the five-day forecast.
8:18 am
today, a mix of clouds and sun. high about 61 degrees. more clouds as the afternoon and evening progress. chance of rain developing late tonight and then specially overnight and through the day tomorrow, 57 for the high tomorrow. 62 on wednesday. and then we cool off for the end of the week and the weekend. highs only in the 50s. overnight lows in the 30s. that's a look at the weather. now let's find out what is happening on the roads with julie wright. >> want to -- i want to say the same picture of hunter playing in the leaves in about ten years. he'll be raking them up. >> i bet you that smile won't be as big then. on the roads now southbound along 270 out of rockville, the lanes are open. no incident, just volume delays heading southbound toward the lane divide. the outer loop tied up leaving 95 to georgia. wisconsin avenue at van ness, follow police direction to get by. inner loop congested.
8:19 am
395 across the 14th street bridge, heavy, slow and steady across the potomac. the outer loop of the beltway slowing from springfield to eisenhower with earlier accidents cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. d.c.'s pope john paul 2nd cultural center opened to fanfare in 2001 but has fallen on hard times. how one group of nuns is now spearheading this effort. [ bells ringing ] >> reporter: the new year could ring in big changes for the john paul ii cultural center. a community of nuns is hoping and praying they can buy it. >> the sisters will live here and take classes across the street at the university. it is great for the community and the order which is exciting. >> reporter: it is a stunning architectural structure on a
8:20 am
prime piece of real estate. a 100,000 square foot building set near catholic university. they opened the doors in march of 2001 and designed to honor the legacy of the popular pope, the center includes a museum, a learning center and think tank. they hoped it would become a tourist destination but instead it struggled. >> 9/11 happened and tourism dried up and it had an entry fee. it's one of the early museums to have an entry free and catholfamilies coming in on a budget, that is not something they're used to. >> reporter: the church has signed a purchase agreement to buy the cultural center. they have until december to find the funds. the order is tell riv ty --
8:21 am
relatively new. from 1997 they have grown to hundreds of members. >> for years in the church we've been hearing nobody is joining or signing up to become a nun or a -- priest and they're proving that wrong. and there are good signs of life. so we're very hopeful for this. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> it's unclear if the nuns would keep the name of the center however they are expected to keep the polish heritage center. coming up, holly is at the central d.c. kitchen and we'll check in with holly later in hour. and confusing moments for players and fans at the meadowlands stadium. if you watched the game, lights out right in the middle of the game. we'll tell you how they handled this one coming up. it's 8:21.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
a deadly explosion in mexico. the blast at ate -- at the resort killed five tourists and two hotel workers. police say gas leak or a build- up of a natural gas from a nearby swamp caused the explosion into a.
8:25 am
a tennessee man is describing more terrorist plans. abduhl mohammed explains his plot. he said he returned from a trip to yemen and began plot ago tacks in tennessee, arkansas and here in the district. the targets include rabbis in memphis and recruiting centers. >> i don't know that it's to the point to where it's too dark to play but it's pretty close. well the lights went out once -- not once, but twice, steve, during the third quarter of last night's giants-cowboys game at the new meadowlands stadium. first there was a flash and then several lights went dark. just as the team started to play again, the entire stadium lost power. a transformer blew. electricity was diverted and the lights came on. and how frightening that must have been. that's a scary thing. >> unfortunately for the giants
8:26 am
the lights went out a couple of minutes into the game. we hope the redskins can do that tonight. the redskins take on the eagles tonight, but whether you are headed to the game or not, you might feel a big-time traffic crunch. we'll break it down for you coming up next. and also in virginia, a newborn baby found inside a duffle bag abandoned outside of a church. the latest for the search of the mother and the update on the little one's condition. coming up next. it's 8:26. as
8:27 am
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a look at our top stories now this morning. prince george's county executive jack johnson expected to return to work today. you're looking at a live picture there of his home in prince george's county. just three days after being arrest by federal agents, both johnson and his wife leslie are charged in the federal corruption investigation. investigators say more arrests could come this week. incoming executive rushern baker plans to speak about the recent developments this
8:30 am
evening. meantime police are trying to locate the mother of a newborn girl found outside of the church in the springfield, virginia area. someone left the baby in a duffle bag outside of the church, the st. raymond of puenteford catholic church. the baby is hospitalized and in good condition. anybody with information is asked to call fairfax county police. sports now. a hot one on the ice for the caps on sunday. they look to recover from a tough overtime loss. the thrashers shot block, caps head the other way and ovechkin down the ice to semin. the caps win 6-4 with an empty netter at the end. and here is a note for caps fans. listen carefully, folks, very excited about this. alex ovechkin will be with us tomorrow morning and we'll have a live interview and talk about a special new thing that he has out that we'll talk about and talk hockey as well. so join us in the 8:00 hour as
8:31 am
we sit down and chat with alex ovechkin. >> we've had box everts and football players, but i think i'm intimidated. maybe he'll try to check somebody up here. >> they have a good record. >> hope you're doing the interview. >> you're going to watch? >> yes. and we have some fog across the area. hanging tough and it will be with us another hour or two and it will be a decent day but not like last week. >> we have been spoiled the last week. >> i'm kicking it off with the washington redskins forecast. >> the forecast should be excellent for tailgating. >> just fine. but into the nighttime hours the clouds move in and it's possible by the end of the game, certainly by the time you go home, that they'll be shower activity in the area so be ready just in case for late
8:32 am
rain. temperatures not bad. in the 50s. overnight lows about 50 so at least it's nice and mild. kickoff is 8:30 tonight. let's get to the current conditions and i mentioned the fog. temperatures haven't budged with the fog locked in place. 48 in washington. 51 in annapolis. that's the warm spot. leonardtown is 43. manassas is 45. big hello to cumberland, maryland, 46 for you. hagerstown 46 as well. our afternoon highs not as warm as the past couple of days but we've been enjoying temperatures well above seasonal averages for the weekend. so today cooler. there is your satellite radar. the main event off to the south and west. you can see it becoming better organized down here. this is a storm system moving through as we speak and it will bring rain later tonight and during the daytime tomorrow. and today not bad, but into tomorrow pretty much guaranteeing rain throughout the day. mix of sun and clouds today. 61 degrees the afternoon high. we have winds out of the east
8:33 am
at about 5 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast featuring cooler temperatures this week. there is your rain for tomorrow. and then by the end of the week, high temperatures only in the low 50s by friday. only 52. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. alex ovechkin coming in. >> i know. i just heard you say that. he's no slap shot but he's the great eight. i have to get my hair done and everything for this. that's all tomorrow morning here at 8:00 here on fox 5 morning news. we're talking about the accident on northbound side of key west highway. so that's where you see the bottom right side of the scene and the police officer. it's effecting the commute on the westbound side of shady grove road to stay to the right to get by. and this is headed in the direction of shady grove hospital so it will impact your ride there. coming southbound, all lanes are open. the outer loop is still congested 95 to georgia. 66 close in on the brakes.
8:34 am
inner loop tied up leaving braddock toward 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. tonight's the big match-up between the redskins and eagles at home at fedex field. monday night football fans expecting mcnabb scoring off his old team. triple-a anticipating a nightmare on the roads tonight. leave early. matt acland has more as get ready for the big game. >> reporter: rush hour is bad enough along the beltway but now you add in a big monday night football game. it's not going to be pretty, is it? >> it's got the potential to be very ugly. you have to start with the fact we have some of the worst congestion in the united states and that's on an average rush hour and we barely move. and now 90,000 or more are heading to fedex for a monday night game. >> we're talking 8:30, but you were saying people like to get
8:35 am
there early so that will conflict right with rush hour? >> 5-5 and 6 hours ahead of time, they like to tailgate. we'll see traffic starting at 3:00 in the afternoon and they'll have to be there by 6:00 if they want to do tailgating for two hours and most want to do more than that. so are there going to be tens of thousands of additional vehicles on the capital beltway heading to fedex at rush hour? yes. is that enough to bring the beltway to a stop? absolutely. we see that on -- we just think about our sunday games, you can get a traffic jam just getting to fedex on sunday when we don't have rush hour. so add a washington rush hour to a redskin games and you've got the real potential to have total gridlock on the beltway. so the best advice is avoid the beltway. >> matt acland talking there. that is the best advice. get out there early. and metro gearing up for the crowds saying they are planning to put more trains in service at the end of the game to get
8:36 am
people home. also metro employees will be on hand and metro service will be extended an hour later than normal. but keep in mind, if the game goes late, don't leave too much time to get to the metro station so you can still get the train home. and a reminder to watch tonight at my 20. and right after the game stay tuned for the post game show featuring david feldman, lindsey murphy and doc walker. for the latest headlines click on the sports tab at >> just updating here. it's all good. time now is 8:36 on a monday morning. and tight security measures causing controversy. hear from one pank who refused the new body -- hear from one passenger who refused the new body scan and how it worked out for them. stay tuned to fox 5 morning news.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
checking headlines around the country this morning. the military hearing to the accused ft. hood shooter is expected to wrap up today. it's been on hold for three weeks. lead defense attorney said that he doesn't plan to present any evidence. the hearing is meant to determine if major nadal hassan should stand trial for last year's deadly shooting rampage at ft. hood. a san diego man is speaking
8:40 am
out about his controversial run- in with airport security. john tyner missed his flight and was escorted out for refusing to take part in a tsa full body scan or get a pat down. he is one of many people that believe the search method is just too invasive. >> we're spending inordinate amounts of money on security that doesn't work. i don't intend to go through the machine or be groped. >> i was told if he left the security area without being screened he could face a $10,000 fine and possibly a civil suit. he was refunded his ticket price. let's crack open the job shop there morning. the job of the day is at optima consulting in columbia. they are hiring for office and clerical support. for more information on the job of the day and you would like to search for others, go to and click on the job shop tab. you'll find it at the top of the home page. 8:40 right now on this
8:41 am
monday morning. up next the advancement in the research for sickle cell disease. >> reporter: good morning, steve. at d.c. central kitchen they gear up for thanksgiving come november 1st. today they have a big help. about 5,000 pounds of turkey showing up thanks to ayrshire farms in loudoun county. and we'll show you how they serve so many meals come the holidays and how many meals they will serve and how you can help and how they do all of this while doing other services as well. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
8:42 am
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8:44 am
a health alert about vitamin d. not getting enough of it could double the risk of dying of a stroke. it is doubled for whites but has no effect on the risk for african-americans. findings are puzzling for researchers considering that african-americans are more likely to have vitamin deficiency and are 65 more likely to die from strokes. thousands of americans are
8:45 am
effected by sickle cell disease where red blood cells are effected. experts are still trying to improv treatment options and discover a cure. joining us now dr. keith hoots from the heart, lung and blood institute which is part of the national institute of health. doctor, thank you for being with us. you are about to join in on the a two-day symposium at the nih with regard to just sickle cell disease. tell us first about what is going to happen at the campus in bethesda. >> well we're pleased because this symposium represents the centennial, 100th year since the original clinical description of sickle cell disease. it was described from a young man in grenada in 1910 and published it and set into
8:46 am
motion the science that has given way to advances in this field. >> and so named sickle cell because of the abnormal shape of the cells. and that also makes it very painful as they pass through different organisms. but let me ask you about what people living with this disease, what they go through. because i don't know that people understand the pain associated with this. >> oftentimes when the blood flow is impaired because of the abnormal shapes of the cells, it does a couple of things. one is it slows the delivery of oxygen, since red cells carry oxygen to tissues. other thing it does is these cells tend to stick to the lining of blood vessels, setting up inflammation. so between low oxygen and in flammation pain is generated and it can be quite severe. it can occur in multiple organs and it persist for hours or even days at a time.
8:47 am
even with fairly aggressive therapy to recommend he'd yate -- recommend he'd ate the pain. >> and often we have back pain or prickling or heat. what do patients say they feel? >> they feel very deep intrinsic pain that distracts them from normal thoughts they concentrate on trying to get through the pain. >> 100,000 americans live with this disorder. some 2 million carry the sickle cell trait. it is associated with african- americans primarily. >> yes. it is also seen in hispanics but to a slight -- about one- seventh the frequency in african-americans. >> at the symposium, who will be there speaking? >> we have doctors and scientists from all over the world, including the director of the nih, including the
8:48 am
recent alaska award winner for research in sickle cell disease, sir david weatheral from oxford university and experts from around the u.s. >> and looking for treatment options and then for a cure? >> that's correct. we're looking for a number of things to push the therapeutic options. we have an effective therapy but not a therapy that completely eradicates the disease. we'd like to get to the latter point. >> and i know that at wearness month has -- that the awareness month has passed in september. and i know when i had my kids hi to be tested or screened for this. is that the best way to be aware of where you are with sickle cell? >> now all 50 states screen for hemoglobin defects at birth as part of newborn screening. so for children born in the
8:49 am
united states, their parents should know this they have either the trait or if they are born with sickle cell disease. for older patients who might have been born out of the country or prior to a universal screen, they should be tested if there is any question. >> good luck today. is this open to the public? >> it is. >> we have the information on the screen. but you can go to our website,, for all of that information. and there we show it again. it is a free event starting tomorrow and on wednesday as well. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. this morning holly is at d.c. central kitchen where they are very busy getting ready for the holiday season. holly? >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it is a busy time here. big day at d.c. central kitchen. they have a huge donation today. some 5,000 pounds of turkey from ayrshire farms in loudon county and donations is how this place exists, especially during the holidays. and because times are tough all over its tough for them as
8:50 am
well. this is gerald thomas, he's chef extraordinaire. and he's been keeping this place moving this morning. and you and i were just talking, these are some good looking birds here. >> very nice looking. >> reporter: and you guys help other agencies as well? your food goes out to 150 participating agencies who help those who are helping people fight hunger. and you've been talking with the agencies and they're donations are down? >> yes. it's kind of scarce this year so we're looking at helping and using our resources to assist with helping people in the community, like we usually do. >> reporter: it's a daily thing for you. >> exactly. >> reporter: i'm so thankful for people like you. so when you get turkeys like this from ayrshire, that's a big deal? >> it is a big deal. it is close to my quota for what we need. >> reporter: you are doing some
8:51 am
4500 meals, that's separate from the other agencies asking for help and they are trying to do more than that. but you start gearingp for thanksgiving november 1st, you told me. >> the 1st of november, we cook them and then individually wrap them. >> reporter: so these come in frozen? >> exactly. >> reporter: because you have to cook so many, you pace yourself. >> pace myself and we do about 20-25 turkeys a day. and then we thaw them out and then start cooking them. >> reporter: take a look at that. what is d.c. central kitchen's special? do you have a special rub? >> i have different rubs. >> reporter: whatever you're feeling that day, that's what the turkey gets. >> as long as it tastes flavorful and it's something that our customers love. >> reporter: so how do you make sure its cooked right? >> oh, well, i put the foil over it, sort of like steam it from the start and then take it
8:52 am
off later on, baste it a little bit and then let it brown. >> reporter: there was foil over there because you're letting it brown? >> exactly. >> reporter: so once it is done from there, how does it get back to what we're looking at here. >> from that stage, after it comes out of the oven, we let it cool with the cooling process. they are fully cooled we individually wrap them. >> and then it stays fine. >> it stays fine. >> we refreeze them and then we have the volunteer turkey pull. >> reporter: that sounds fun. >> so it's a volunteer experience that is worth doing for people who are less fortunate and don't have a turkey. >> reporter: there you go. and you're doing all this in addition to your regular stuff and i know you're going to do some broccoli soup. >> we're doing a broccoli soup today. >> reporter: and i want to bring over mike curtain, the
8:53 am
executive director, because one of the things you just got at d.c. public schools, you're going to do seven lunches? >> breakfast lunch and dinner. >> reporter: oh, well you guys try to do healthy meals but does it change with the school program? >> it is different for the school program. everything is purchased and we follow very strict guidelines. they are called the medical -- very strict guidelines. >> reporter: they are very strict guidelines. >> we're doing higher than we need to. but we're helping to create an academic environment where the students will have an opportunity to learn more. and getting good food is a huge, huge part of that and it's been overlooked for quite sometime. >> reporter: a good basic need that is essential to good learning. and before i go, what can people do to help d.c. central
8:54 am
kitchen this season. >> is a great way to go. we can use the resources we get donated at this time of year, not only now but throughout the year and that support is a huge something that we count on at this point in the year. >> reporter: thank you so much. is our website. we have a link to theres to find out ways you can volunteer, help out in the kitchen, be part of the turkey pool, or always give of money as well. that helps with their mission here. in the next hour we'll talk more about the catering business that they have here and the differences that made in many different people's lives. >> holly, thank you very much. 8:54 right now. >> we have getting close to 9:00 and we have a lot to bring you, including terry mcmillan. and two actors from the fox hit show glee will be here. and a boy band about to hit the road with who else than justin beiber and they'll perform live in the next hour. it's all coming up. stay with us.
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we want to say good morning to the facebook fan of the day, kelly willard from maryland. and today is her birthday. happy birthday, kelly. she's turning the big 3-0. to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day, all you have to do is find us on facebook, search for fox5 morning news and no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment on kelly's photo and we'll pick one person and somebody will be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day. thanks to everybody who contributes via facebook fan every day. that will do it for this hour. and one more hour to go. let's turn things over to tony and allison to take us up to
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10:00. >> and here is what we're working on for the 9:00 hour. she is the author of the hugely popular book waiting to exhale. terry mcmillan joins us live in studio to talk about a big event she's hosting here in d.c. and she'll talk about her newest book the seekwell -- the sequel. and bullies has topped the headlines for months now. tonight two cast members of glee are doing their part to stop the hate. max addler who plays a bully and josh susman who wasatch the victim -- who was the victim are talking about how they are working to make a difference. and we'll get a sneak peek of the next few episodes of glee. >> a big day. tucker barnes


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